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455 Basic Fuel Advice Needed

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When I was running all gasoline equipment I would normally refill everything at the end of the storm to have it ready for the next one. This would include a five gallon gas jug. I would also have all the vehicles topped off so extra gas was never a problem. I would like to be prepared with extra diesel fuel for the 455. After the full tank on the 455, how much spare diesel fuel do you guys keep around? Is 5 gallons enough? I have no idea how fast the 455 goes through fuel. Thanks.
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If it is anything like my 332 or x495 it should be a fairly low consumption engine. As far as fuel goes I would get some white PowerService (antigel) and add about 2 oz to the 5 gallon can and then put that in the fuel tank on the tractor. I would then redo the 2 oz of PowerService in the now empty 5 gal jug and fill it back up. With ~10 gallons available you will go a long way with the diesel engine. Also, diesel keeps a lot better than gas. I would try to keep both the jug and the tractor as full as possible so that there is less space for condensation to form in the tank.

On the subject of fuel I would buy fuel at some place that sells a lot of diesel. I would not buy diesel at the local c-store that only sells a little bit every month. The goal here is to make sure that you get fresh fuel that does not have a bunch of water contamination.

If the tractor tank is currently full and it has been a while since you filled it I would add *********** Service to the tank in 1 oz/3 gallons of fuel and run it a while to make sure it mixes with the existing fuel in the tank. The point of the *********** Service is that it has the antigel stuff in it.

I run additive year round in all of my diesel stuff (little tractors, big tractors, TDI Jetta, Ford PSD).

Hoe this helps - Frnak
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