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455 AWS - Debating on which HDAP to go with

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Hey guys,

I'm debating on which Heavy-Duty All-Purpose tire to go with on my recently acquired 455 w/ AWS.

Either the Carlisle All Trail or HD Field Trax.

I'm looking to upgrade the tire size, so I'm thinking of either the 25x10.5x12 All Trail or 26x12x12 HD Field Trax. I like the fact that the All Train comes in 4 ply, as they should be more puncture resistant. I'd pair them with a set of 6 ply V61's 18x8.5x8.

Based on previous threads, I know I'll need a wheel spacer to run either for linkage clearance issues. So I'd get the JD wheel spacer kit (BM22725). I'd like to avoid any clearance issues with the 54" MMM deck I have as well.

Are there any issues/ concerns with either tire on an AWS 455? I appreciate any input, experience with either, and of course pictures!


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I'd be surprised if you were able to find the spacer kit - BM22725, but you can get the spacers themselves - M117609 and then get the cap screws from your local dealer. I know that there is a Canadian dealer that has the spacers (I just had them send down for me). Warning - they are not cheap!

Also a question - are you using the 40 loader on the 455 AWS? I thought it wouldn't fit??? I looked at your pics and it looks like the loader is on the 425. I'm hoping your running on your 455 AWS because if I can do that I'll be getting one as soon as possible.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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