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455 AWS - Debating on which HDAP to go with

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Hey guys,

I'm debating on which Heavy-Duty All-Purpose tire to go with on my recently acquired 455 w/ AWS.

Either the Carlisle All Trail or HD Field Trax.

I'm looking to upgrade the tire size, so I'm thinking of either the 25x10.5x12 All Trail or 26x12x12 HD Field Trax. I like the fact that the All Train comes in 4 ply, as they should be more puncture resistant. I'd pair them with a set of 6 ply V61's 18x8.5x8.

Based on previous threads, I know I'll need a wheel spacer to run either for linkage clearance issues. So I'd get the JD wheel spacer kit (BM22725). I'd like to avoid any clearance issues with the 54" MMM deck I have as well.

Are there any issues/ concerns with either tire on an AWS 455? I appreciate any input, experience with either, and of course pictures!


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I agree that I'd like to get the largest one that will fit without clearance issues. The tread is so similar between the two that it really comes down to size for me and which one clears the AWS system and deck the best.

I'd like to go with the 26x12x12, I just want to make sure that they'll clear properly with the JD spacers. There was another member that made 3/8" thick spacers for his AWS 4X5 and it seems to work with the 26x12x12 HD Field Trax. I was going to us the JD spacers which are 1" thick, and have questions on the clearance of the 26x12x12's with the 54" rear deck side rollers.
Yep, I have the HD Field Trax on my 425 AWS, and I like them.

The two issues that you will run into are that without a spacer the wheels will rub on the steering arms. Second is with the 54" deck, the left rear deck wheel will interfere with the left rear tire when the deck is over half way up and you are turning to the right.

Now using the 1" spacers that will bring the wheels out a little further and create more interference with the left read deck wheel. You should be fine on the right hand side. The easy way to deal with the left rear deck wheel is to remove the bolt and move it to the other side of the wheel bracket.

So the 1" spacers will be fine with the 26x12x12 HD Field Trax tires and the left rear deck wheel if the wheel is swapped to the other side of the bracket? I read through your other threads and saw that the 3/8" spacer worked fine, I just wasn't sure with the 1" spacers.

I am also considering the ply of the tire, not so much from the weight prospective but puncture resistance. If the 26" HD Field Trax came in 4 ply it would be as easy choice.
Yep, there should be enough space if you swap the left rear deck wheel for the 1" spacers to work. Don't know how the All Trails will fit, but shouldn't be much different from the HD Field Trax, I agree it would be nice if the HD Field Trax came in 4 ply, but they are an ATV tire and the flexibility of the lower ply helps with traction when off roading with the ATV.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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