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Thanks for all of the positive comments. I was a little scared to post up some pics b/c wasn't much to them. As far as the "no chains" question, I'm in the same position as most on this forum trying to find the "perfect combo" that works for their particular situation. No chains worked fine this time, but once again their wasn't much snow and no ice. I do however think I may need some more weight and/or traction if I were to get any significant snowfall or ice accumulation.

My probelm is this- My driveway is concrete and I could care less if chains were to scratch it up. I plow my 90 year old neighbor's driveway for free (which is relatively flat), but it is blacktop/sealed driveway and I would feel TERRIBLE if I left any unwanted marks.

My thoughts of options at this point (keep the rear weights and)-
1. Wheel weights/chains/ and possibly "re-seal" of neighbor's drive in the spring
2. Wheel weights/HDAPs
3. Wheel weights/ "rubber chains"
4. Loaded Ag/bar tires?...
5. Loaded turfs/HDAPs?...
I would just hate to put some money into a set-up that won't work. Any thoughts would be great...

dont waste your money on ag tires then!
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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