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455 after plowing (pics)

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Here's my 455 after a recent "snow storm". Wasn't much to plow, but I had to take her out and see how she did in the snow, and I know how much you guys like pics. This is my first year with this set-up.

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Did you have any slippage with the turfs and no chains?
no chains??
Good tractor like that and plenty of weight, "Who needs chains."
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Thanks for all of the positive comments. I was a little scared to post up some pics b/c wasn't much to them. As far as the "no chains" question, I'm in the same position as most on this forum trying to find the "perfect combo" that works for their particular situation. No chains worked fine this time, but once again their wasn't much snow and no ice. I do however think I may need some more weight and/or traction if I were to get any significant snowfall or ice accumulation.

My probelm is this- My driveway is concrete and I could care less if chains were to scratch it up. I plow my 90 year old neighbor's driveway for free (which is relatively flat), but it is blacktop/sealed driveway and I would feel TERRIBLE if I left any unwanted marks.

My thoughts of options at this point (keep the rear weights and)-
1. Wheel weights/chains/ and possibly "re-seal" of neighbor's drive in the spring
2. Wheel weights/HDAPs
3. Wheel weights/ "rubber chains"
4. Loaded Ag/bar tires?...
5. Loaded turfs/HDAPs?...
I would just hate to put some money into a set-up that won't work. Any thoughts would be great...
I would choose #5 with all the weight I could hang on it without

I struggled with this same problem on my X720 with my slopped driveway and I'm really please with my set-up, 6 suit case weight, rims weights and fluid in both Ag's.

First time out 3" of snow no ice and it worked great.

Second and third time there was ice underneath 4" of snow, and I could blow
snow up my drive with no problem.

If I really push it going up with the blower down and running, there's a slight
slippage, then I use the diff lock.

I have Ag tires only because that's what was mounted on my slightly used rims I purchased last fall. I think HDAP's would also work well.

Like I preach, use lots of weight especially without chains and you can't go wrong even on slops.
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I have a 455 AWS with the OEM turf tires. I have 4 suitcase weights on my 3 point hitch and a metal Femco cab. I have chains but haven't put them on yet (no wheel spacers). I don't want to change the tires or fill them because my mowed area can be wet and I don't want to trench or dig it up.

We get plenty of snow on my inclined driveway. So far this year I've been able to get by with very little slippage, until yesterday. The snow got driven over and therefore there was a layer of compressed snow and ice. Diff lock or not, spinning tires.

I'll be getting 2 more SC weights, but, thank goodness, my JD wheel spacers arrived today (cha-CHING!). I'll be installing them this weekend (no snow in the immediate forecast) and then I'll be able to put on the chains.

I have used a tractor with weights and chains on this blacktop driveway for 13 years. Yup, I have spun 'em and marked it up, but not too bad, and like it has been said, that's what sealer is for. I'm not a slave to the appearance of my blacktop.
A spare set of fluid filled winter rims with heavy duty tires would serve you well.
Then you wouldn't need the spacers or chains and save on the sealer.
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Up here I need sealer every other year no matter what.

But the spare set of (bigger) tires isn't a bad idea either.
Many will hesitate going this route buying extra rims and tires because of the additional expense, rims, aggressive tires, fluid, are not cheap.

I went this route this past fall with maximum weight (approx. 500#) and
love it.
I was fortunate enough to purchase 26x12.12 1 yr. old rims with Ag tires
for $100.00 each.

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