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4518 parts needed

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I aquired a 4518 that runs but is missing the raidator, shroud,fan and PTO assembly. if any one has a lineon these parts please let me know. I am near houston,texas
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I saw a bunch of 4518 parts on Ebay, not sure if its what you need but worth a look.
believe the 3813 radiator will work fine, as the tractor frames are the same, and there's at least one, i believe up for sale on egay - i just bought one last week

i believe a new rad will run about $260+ shipping from and they're about the best prices on the net for honda parts - here's a link to the selection of lawn tractor parts catalogs - - you'll have to determine which 4518 you have

believe you'll want to get a PTO off egay - prices on those are fairly steep from honda, even at 20% discounting but the parts schematics at will help you know what you need

or if you're not adverse to using a non-stock radiator, with the same size connectors (1"), burden surplus has one they sell rated for "13 HP" but is actually a little larger than the stock radiator, new $90

the surplus center radiator has a copper core, like the honda's, which is nice as copper transfer heat faster than alum - but has the bottom hose connection facing down which is odd - you could have a radiator shop unsolder that nipple and turn it up - the honda radiator has both connections at each end of the top - which is odd in it's own right as most radiators have one at top and one down low -

I still have a 4518 cyl head, complete w/cam, valves, governor, etc available, if anyone's looking for one
thanks for the tips on finding parts. I will give it a few weeks and if I do not find anything I will consider parting out the machine. It has a good deck looks like it was down for a pto clutch and the PO did not want to spend the mony to fix it. I got it from the shop and they could not find the parts.

i'd have some interest in the engine, if you do end up parting it out - be nice to upgrade mine to "light speed" 18hp

in fact, might have interest in the entire lawn tractor

but if you watch ebay, and have a little patience, you'll be able to complete that machine
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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