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4518 needs saving in Allentown pa

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I came across a 4518 in Allentown. I got the deck as it was in really nice shape.
The owner only wants a few hundred for it now because it in need of a few repairs. It seems to be nice tractor.
Except for the air cleaner box and throttle cable need both replaced. Someone did a bad box job trying to fit a Kohler airbox and a Kohler throttle cable and did a bad job of it. And something else about how the choke engages I'm not sure look into it to much. But I did hear fire and sounded strong it does have a crappy Cressman seat mounted on it but aside from that the metal looked pretty good the floorpans look good.
I just hate to see a tractor that's halfway decent get disassembled and sold for scrap.
You can find it on Allentown craigslist if interested
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I know a lot of guys on here have 4514s he also has one of them sitting up there as a parts tractor. I don't know if any of you need any parts for it you can access his number through that same ad and see if he's parts.
there are currently no CL ads for this. got a number?
Honda 4518 Tractor part out or whole
Here's the add. Deck is gone I now have it.
IMO - this would be a parts tractor only since it has no deck + tin is bad on the hood. Good decks are hard to find.

It doesn't take long for repairs to cost more than a complete pretty good 4518/4514 tractor costs. I've repaired fours Honda's. It's not cheap to fix them and still come in under what they are actually worth or what you can sell them for.

Just my two cents.
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he would not give a price. a sure sign he thinks it is worth something much more than it is. i usually pay about 100 - 150 for something like this.
He told me 100 was offered for it slready. I think if you had 200 he would take it. But that's just a guess. I wanted it but had no way to haul.
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