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4518 Honda Idle HELP!

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My 4518 Honda is idling high, and I can't find anything online on how to fix it myself. It will start in choke and idles high even in lowest throttle setting. In the lowest setting it does drop a few RPMs, but that is all. I cannot find the high speed adjustment for the carburetor. Is there anyone on here that has advise on how to fix it?

Could it possible be the Governor? If so how would I adjust that??
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Welcome Tracy. It may be that the carb needs a cleaning from gumming up or dirt. I'll move this to the Honda section so that folks familiar with this carb can help. I'm not familiar with this carb so can't help on adjustment.
It does sound like carb needs a cleaning. I would try easy fix first.... ad some sea foam to the gas.....that may get it. If not then I'd have the carb cleaned.
Make sure the throttle cable is adjusted properly
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