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I have the GRAVELY bug~:trink39:
Although I have no need for another mower , I could not resist the opportunity at this little rig.
I just picked up a 450 Commercial with a 50 inch deck from a friend who is moving to Florida and has no longer a need for the mower. It was I believe the right price.

However, I just put a bunch of $ into my 16G and was trying to search for a few parts for it without spending too much, if that is possible.

I am looking for some used steering parts.
The whole steering column was in pieces when I picked it up. Little did I know these parts are not available as easily as the 16G parts were.

So ....If anyone has these parts and are interested in selling them :
1.Steering shaft Weldment sector part # 14891A1 ( the one I have is completely broken)
2. Steering box cast although intact is cracked. I am open to ideas to fix , but would prefer to replace if available . Part # 14882P1
3.Lastly it is missing both spur gears part # 14889P1

The good news is that the Onan engine started right up, it has good oil pressure , doesn't smoke , it appears to run great. It went into gear , without a glitch. Now :trink39:I can't wait to get this fully running.

Oh and I almost forgot . If anyone has some older rear tires that hold air, I prefer not to tube these dry rotted ones I have. I am in the market . I believe they are 23-850-12.

Thanks in advance for any help or reply.
Dave :thanku:
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