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Looks clean, price seems high esp with no options such as blade or tiller. I would assume the high price is in account of the newer 20hp Onan, for the asking price I would expect it to be in excellant running condition.

If it was close to me I would be looking at in person, the seller might be flexable with his asking price. It would appear to be a good first time Case buyer's tractor to build off of.

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this is not a correct replacement engine for the B48M.
the correct one is P 218 10936 H.
the three problems that i see wrong, side tins ( that is why you
see the orange deflectors )
also the crank was poss. cut on the output side.
the MAIN problem is the WRONG starter.
the correct starter does not have a solenoid on it.
his starter will cause problems with the snow caster
and front blade lift arms.
thank you. boomer ( the used onan engine parts guy )
1 - 4 of 4 Posts