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446 rescused

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Hey guys i just picked up a 446 case it was heading for the scrap pile. So i asked the guy how much he came back with a price so i asked whats wrong with it says transmission according to po so i thought about it and reached in my wallet and paid the guy. Now the question where would you buy parts for the onan engines it's missing the coil to start off with. Its a model 446-76 Serial #9715125 does this mean it's 1976?? Thanks Ken
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Yes, it's a 1976. is one source. Used coils show up on e-Bay.

There was a problem with a certain four bolts in the trans-axle breaking. Look on the underside of the rear end and see if there is a hole in the housing. If not then perhaps it hasn't reached that stage yet but you need to be cautious all the same. For now, leave the trans-axle in neutral. Let's get the engine running first and then talk about what needs to be done after that. The oil reservoir for the hydraulics is under the battery and the fill is on the left side. Before running the tractor, make sure that the oil level is at 5 inches below the top of the fill neck. Use 20W50 motor oil to top it up.

Check the oil level in the engine and make sure it's full. Use 30W for that.
Thanks i'll check that later when it stops raining. Would any 12 volt coil for a twin work?
I just got in a good used coil, JD 318 but same thing. If you're interested in a used part, shoot me a PM.
Forgot to mention. Only an Onan coil will fit. I have used a Kohler twin coil breifly and it worked. It must be a 'twin plug lead' coil.
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