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444 upgrade

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I have a 1975 444 that I want to upgrade the TCV to one that will hold back when going downhill. What year and series will fit with minimum alterations.

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I think the least alterations would be the add on holding valve. There are some pictures of the one on my tractor in the "my new 448" thread.
Fred I have pondered this before and thought the TCV change would be the cleanest application so thats the route I went, but its not the easiest.

If your going to change the TCV - anyone 1985 and after should do it, the first pic is what you have now, the second pic is what you would need (note the raised spool housing that incorporates the holding valve) the third is identical to the second but with an added port for power steering.

You would have to drill two new mounting holes about 1" further back than the old ones, also buying the hydraulic lines for the new one will make the job easier but you can tweak the old ones to work.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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