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Thanks for the quick reply. I suspect that the 318 is not working so I doubt he will be able to get the 44 moving around. You are right looks like its been used hard.
Are there a lot of stuff that go wrong with the loaders? Thought mostly its hydraulic lines and the pistons- (correct me if I am wrong).
If this this is a bust, i will spend the $$ and buy a new buckloader. Any thoughts?
thanks once again.

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just got an Email back- not parting it out.
So I am headed the buckloader route!
Thanks for the input
That stands to reason. The loader makes the tractor valuable, not so much the other way around.

Battle scars on a loader are an indication that it can do the job. They have little to do with how well maintained it was. Paint doesn't last long when dealing with dirt and gravel.
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