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430 Snow Plowing, Columbia, Missouri 20"

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Snow falls ranged from 16" to 20" here in mid-Missouri last weekend. Video below of me opening up the 1-mile, 8'-wide walking trail for the city behind my house. I should send them a bill. 430 did great. Such a beast. Plowed for about 6 hours total this weekend doing neighbors driveways, my street, this walking trail, etc. Broke both blade feet off and wore down the cutting edge A LOT! I'm making my own cutting edge instead of paying Deere $80. 1/4" thick x 3" wide. $13.

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Wow! I know the 430 has the power - but you got the traction to move that much?

What are you using for traction? Chains? Weights?
Yep, factory wheel weights, chains, a heavily-modified OEM tractor trunk with about 200 lbs in it and I’m 6’-5”, 225. I’ve recently put #40 roller chains on the front tires for lateral control.


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It was definitely handling that snow without too much effort! They are amazing machines!
They sure are. Absolute beasts. I’ve had the pleasure of running a 430 as a kid for about 5 years and I’ve had my own now since 2012.
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