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430 for sale

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Im pretty sure the 430 never came with a 12 horse power briggs engine. Is it a re-power?
the 424's came with 10hp
430's 12hp & 432's 14hp

engine model # is G-30-E 2002168
i believe this is the original engine but i am wrong about it being a is made by Kohler
They don't have a hydrostatic transmission...just thought you might want to correct your ad

yah they were an all gear transmission many people to mistake them for hydrostatics because you do not have to clutch. On the subjects of engines it is a kohler K-301. Gravely never had briggs on 400 series. They did have onans singles and twins and kohler K-241s and K-301s
sale pending
Pending till Sunday then it is mine :) thanks Mark
Pending till Sunday then it is mine :) thanks Mark
Congratulations! 430s are good solid tractors. You'll enjoy the steering brakes. They shorten your turning radius, but also act as limited slip when you spin a wheel. Just apply enough brake to the spinning wheel to stop it from spinning, the other wheel receives power, and you're on your way.

It's because of this feature that my 430 is still the one I use when trailering leaves through the woods for dumping.

Your 430 also has it's original seat. I wish I could find a seat like it for mine.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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