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425 low compression

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so i'm looking at buying a 425. owner says it has low compression. its a 94, so i think it has a plastic cam. i don't mind having a winter project to work on, especially if i end up with a tractor i can put a FEL on eventually.

so, could the plastic cam be causing the low compression?

is there anything else i should look at when i see it in person (without taking anything apart)?
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They are notorious for sucking dirt around the filter if it wasn't installed correctly
The compression will show low if checked when the engine is cold, so it might be OK. You have to check it warm, and 160 PSI is the minimum, with a good one being @ 200-220 PSI. Definately a plastic cam. Hours?

wife won't let me get it...

Get it and hide it or get it and just deal with the pain and suffering. She will get over it eventually. Tell her its better than spending the money on beer and dancing girls.
Haha I want it too.
should have asked for forgiveness instead of permission
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