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425 Electrical Draw

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I have a 425 with a slow draw that is draining the battery. When I connect the battery I get a tiny spark (recently moved and can't find my meter). When connect the battery the fuel solenoid by the carb clicks. Is that normal? Any other ideas before I get into it? Thanks.
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The fuel solenoid should not click when you connect the battery unless the ignition switch is on. I would suspect the switch and or its wiring. Are all the safety switches still connected? Roger
It still clicks with the ignition unplugged. I had switched the solenoid with one from my friends 425 and it still clicked.
If that is true then one of the wires in the harness has been connected to the wrong place in the harness. I asked about safety switches because sometimes when people bypass them they end up with one of the wires hot all the time like for example your fuel solenoid. Roger
Safety switches are connected. No draw when I disconnect solenoid from time delay module. Tried a different TDM but it does the same thing. Does the orange wire on the TDM connect to anything?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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