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425 3 pt hitch and garden plow?

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Well my neighbor gave everything to me that they had for the 425 and it came with a 3 pt hitch and a garden plow but they didn't know how it was hooked up years ago. It looks like I might need some other stuff to make it work. Anybody here have some pics of there garden plows on there garden tractors? This also came with another set of tractor type wheels and tires, chains, weights and 54" snow plow and mower deck. If I can figure this out it will help a lot in my garden next spring. Well just saw a couple of pics and I guess what I have is just a large cultivator looking plow and nothing else. Well Hmmmmm have to research this more but chime in.

Thanks oldie
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Well I will try but actually I don't know how. I can send them to my e-mail off my phone but I don't know what to do from there to post on here. But I will take some pics and put on my e-mail and then maybe you guys can lead me thru how to post pics.
Should be able to just take a pic with your phone and when you post you just select you can just select attach from the top right drop down and attach the pics from your phone.
That is if the have installed the app for the forum
Well how do I install the app for the forum? I seemed to be not able to find it?????
Go to play store and search My tractor forum, i attached a screen shot. It is the first one on the list.

I know some people just use there phones for calling and basic stuff. So if what i posted don't make sense or you are having problems finding and installing please report back and i will give you more info.

Well I went to the store at the top of the page but all that was there was a decal they were selling I never saw anything like what you posted. I'm sorry I am not that good on computers and it takes me a while to find things.
Snap the pix with your phone...use Web settings for the pix. Email/share the pix to your email address. Then access the forum, make a post and attach the pix from there. Pick "Go Advanced" from the posting options when you make the pix post...navigate to the pix on your computer, double click on each pix, and then post to the forum.
Well have it on my e-mail but I don't know how to send it to this site?????? I may just give up like I said I am not very good at sending pictures

Well here goes nothing for a picture Well I guess I will some how need to make a file because there is nothing there right now and it will not let me access my e-mail to get pictures. This is very confusing especially for someone that knows very little about computers. I did everything you said but I have no pictures in the manage attachments to browse thru? So how do I get those pictures from my e-mail to manage attachments? All my pictures are just in my mail box and not a folder so I need to make a folder then I will be able to do this?
Re: 425 3 pt hitch

Well here goes nothing - - - - well it is still not there it goes back to windows 8 for a file that I don't have. Man this is confusing just for a picture. I went to my desk top and did everything but there is nothing there must still be doing something wrong. Well it seems when I hit browse it goes back to windows 8 to a file that says corel user files but I don't know where to go from there. Sorry I'm done for tonight my head hurts.
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