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420 wiring diagram available ?

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Hey Guys,

I am loving the site. Sorry to bother with so many ?'s.

I was wondering if there is a way through this site or online to view the wiring diagram for a 420.

Thanks for the help!

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Wiring diagrams are only available in the technical manuals. If you don't have a technical manual, you can order one from Deere. Finding their copyrighted materials for download is fairly difficult if not impossible.
Recently had an interesting experience with getting a JD wiring diagram. I was helping a neighbor get a GT262 running and needed the diagram to troubleshoot. Looked here and found out JD has effectively blocked them from sites like this. Made me kind of mad (I'm still a little mad about that.) But someone had suggested that JD dealers would likely be accomodating and make a copy for a customer. Told my neighbor this and figured he would drive down to the dealer (25 mi.) and try. Nope. Wife too smart for that...called up dealer and they faxed one right away. :fing32:
Now that is a standard that if every JD dealer followed would make me feel a little bit more favorable toward them! :)
Thanks guys, Stash is walking me through.

I probably couldn't make heads or tails of it anyway, 35 yrs since shop class when I thought that it was logical, now ? Who knows

What are you trying to figure out?
Never mind---read your other post.
yes Thanks very much.

this post was a year old, found the problem but the diagram will be printed and helpful

thanks again

My bad! I was doing some googling for the same info and found this post as well as the diagram I posted.

Well, at least it should help some people on MTF.
I needed a wiring diagram for a JD425 and the dealer of all places printed me a copy! They said they help their customers all the time and it wasn't a big deal!!!
Thank you! I recently had the timing delay module / black box fail leaving me with no spark, and a couple wires getting hot while the main 20amp breaker mounted just above the solenoid on my 420 clicking in and out. I'm going to rewire and take the module out of the system, along with all the safety switches.:thanku:
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