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42" Snowthrower

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I'm working on a 42" Snowthrower, and the auger is belt drive. Under the black cover on the side of the housing is a large auger drive pulley, an idler, a drive pulley, and a belt. I took the cover off to see the condition of the belt and I noticed that the large pulley is warped. It wobbles when the auger is spun. Not just a small wobble either. I'd say it travels 3/8" to 1/2" either direction of center during one revolution. It's so bad that it cut a groove/hole in the side of the black plastic cover. The pulley in question is part # 18 in the diagram below.
My question is, since this is a $50 part ($75 from mother Deere), is there any way to straighten a pulley or am I out of luck?. I'd let it go but from the look of it the belt will wear fast in it's present state. I think the unit must have taken a hit to that side at some point to do this, or maybe the auger hit something and the pulley took the punishment because it's in the drive train.


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are you sure it's the pulley and not the shaft it goes on? I doubt something hitting the auger would bend the pulley. Anyway, if something hitting the pulley bent it, then you should be able to try to bend it back. I would take it off and attempt to straighten it, you'll probably need some type of shaft to mount it on though. good luck.
Thanks for the reply. Well, I'll have to take it off to be sure, but follow me on this. If the shaft were bent, the pulley would wobble up and down, not left to right. make sense?
I think if the shaft were bent, the the pulley would wobble like you say. More likely though, the pulley is bent, not the shaft, which is pretty strong. You'll find out as soon as you take the pulley off and spin the shaft. Might want to start soaking that hex bolt with the PB Blaster....
If you had some steel rod stock the same diameter as the auger shaft, you could put the pulley on the rod and spin it to see the pulley wobble. You could then try to straighten the pulley while it's on the shaft, maybe using a vice.

I don't see anyway the pulley could be at an angle on the auger shaft.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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