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42" mower on a B212??

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hi every one, i havnt gone to pick my b212 up yet because of people's "summer schedules"... but i was wondering if it'd be possible to go from a 48" mower deck down to a 42" without much hassel and extra brackets, hardware ect. i know these decks have a very simple mounting mechanism, so would this be possible? i took a quick glimps at "what fits" section and i got confused with all the numbers and what not...:00000060: please excuse me if its actually alot more simple then it looks. any imput is great, thanks.

i'll ad a pic for you...
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A 42" deck will hook right up. It will use a different belt, but other than that it is a breeze. Make sure the deck is for the early tractors with the center mounted pto rather than the later cone clutches. While the newer decks will work, the pulley diameter is a little larger and you will loose some spindle speed unless you change pulleys. Not much difference, but it will be noticeable if you have ever used the other one.
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