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42" decks - 1170 vs 2166

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i've got a 42" deck off a 2001 1170 - have a chance to pick up a deckless 2001 2166...problem is the 2166 is a few hours away...the 2166 deck looks to have a similar mounting arrangement, but looks to be a bit more ruggedly constructed than the 1170 deck i have...dimensions are a bit hard to compare, but also look similar...

question is, anyone know if the 1170 deck would fit the 2166?
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Frames are different, engine arrangement is different. The deck may be able to fit under the 2166, but getting it mounted and then getting it to be driven via the mule drive system that the 2166 uses will be more difficult.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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