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417 A Transmission Oil Filter

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When my dad gave me my 417A 5 years ago he told me the filter was the same as a Plymouth Automotive filter or something. Does anybody know off hand what filter I can cross reference when I go to Auto Zone?

Also, I have the manual, but was curious if there is anything different anybody would recommend for a machine with 27 years on it here, I'm going to change the oil in the transmission, should I just use motor oil, or is there something better?
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Baldwin part number I run on my Jeep (old straight six... oddly same as mopar-designed 318-360 v8s) is B2.

For your application I believe you'd need a Baldwin B2H, H being hydraulic and not having the bypass valve.

I used to run Fram until I had it fail on me, then I ran Wix until I found some of their applications are from China. Now I rely on Baldwin and Hastings filters. (Baldwin and Hastings are one in the same these days, just like Napa and Wix filters)
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