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417 A Transmission Oil Filter

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When my dad gave me my 417A 5 years ago he told me the filter was the same as a Plymouth Automotive filter or something. Does anybody know off hand what filter I can cross reference when I go to Auto Zone?

Also, I have the manual, but was curious if there is anything different anybody would recommend for a machine with 27 years on it here, I'm going to change the oil in the transmission, should I just use motor oil, or is there something better?
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On e-bay, item number 170761714651

Will this do the trick? My manual says 10 micros, all the ones described on e-bay seemed to be like 17 micros.
I actually ordered one last week, I broke down and ordered it right off the Toro page. I took the info above and researched it for next time. It appears as though a FRAM PH2844 should work. It actually listed the 416H as one of the uses for it. I didn't realize FRAMs didn't have a bypass, is that true? When I bought my oil over the weekend there was a deal where it was cheaper to buy filters and oil instead of just oil. They were out of the size for my Escape, so I have a claim ticket for 2 free Driveworks filters next time I am in there, I believe they all have a bypass so I can't use them for the tractor.
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My new filter came, I like having the Wheelhorse branded filter, but I'm not sure if I like it for a $15 premium next time. So I drained the old oil, took off the filter, put the new filter on in all in about five minutes, then spent the next hour and twenty minutes nursing the new oil in waiting for the bubbles to work themselves out. It took just under 4 quarts. I ran it for a minute and the level settles back to perfect. I'm sorta thinking I've got another bubble somewhere that will work itself out with a trip around the property.

Thanks all for the help!
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