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4110 diesel 4X4 radiator

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hello everyone, new member here. Ive got an 04 mahindra 4110 diesel 4X4 and i need a new radiator. dealership doesnt know when they will get any in and i cant seem to find any used anywhere and i really need this tractor up and running. does anyone here know of somwhere i can look that may have 1 in stock? or is there any way to use a different radiator to get it going?

Thanks in advance!
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Welcome to MTF Ryan. I would go to my local radiator shop and ask about having your radiator re-cored or have a custom unit built. I had my tanks put on a core many years ago and the price was reasonable compared to a new radiator.
ill have to make a call then. because the new radiaotor from the dealer is 1500$. maybe a shop can do something the old 1. it leaks pretty bad and fill cap broke off at the neck of the radiator. smh

thanks for the quick response!!!
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