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4020 pto shaft issues

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My 1000rpm shaft was broken and in the holder when I got the tractor, I've got a new shaft now but can't get it to go into the transmission far enough to install the snap ring. The splines are meshing when I put it in, it's only about an 1/8 to a 1/4 inch from where it needs to be. Is there any reason it wouldnt work? My bushhog is a 1000 rpm and need to change the shaft.
Thanks for the help
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Have you looked up in the hole where the shaft goes in? Maybe something in there , a chip of metal or something? Also be sure the 540 shaft has a bearing race on the end of it. It should be a press fit on the end of the shaft, but sometimes I have seen them come off and stay up in the tractor when you pull out the shaft. That would keep the 1000 shaft from going in also. If it did come off, reach in there with a magnet or piece of wire with a hook on it to pull it out. You can then slide it back on the 540 shaft and tack weld it on. Don't put it in the storage position without making sure it is secure on the shaft. It could fall off an get into the gears causing damage.

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Have you tried removing stub shaft and turning it a few degrees and reinserting it? On my 4255 when I insert shaft and if snap ring won't go in groove I start engine, engage pto and CAREFULLY with the aid of a 4X4 push on pto shaft and it slips right into place.
thanks for the suggestions and help. I talked to a dealer and he said to index it a tooth at a time until it goes in, yep that was it.
thanks again,
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