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I've got a 1970 commercial 14 that has a 4 bolt quick hitch and have bought a snow cannon that has 2 bolt holes(LARGE) plus the horn opening in the center. The much larger 2 bolt holes on the sno blower don't come anywhere near matching up to the much smaller 4 holes on the machine's quick hitch.
I've mounted the blower on the horn & hooked up the universal joint but there ain't no way ever that the bolts & holes are gonna match.
Is there an adapter plate/ adapter bushings available that will hopefully let me use my beast of a machine with what is supposedly a beast of a snow blower to battle our upstate New York beastly 'Lake Effect' snow dumps.... 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, plus?
ANY help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanx Pat aka flgudmusi
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