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3pt falling over time?

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:confused: Does anyone have the problem of your 3PT hitch lowering on a 2305 while it sits for a few days, mine has dropped the last 2 times Ive used it and parked it? I just dont recall this happening before. Just seeing if I have another problem with my 3PT
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dusting, I always leave my implements lowered, but I'm pretty sure that its normal that it would drop over a couple of days.
I think that is a normal condition! If you leave the three point hitch in the raised position, it will leak off when the tractor is turned off and sitting for a while. I could be wrong, but that is what happens on my tractor. Be careful however, because when you start the tractor, it comes right back to the position the lift arm was in when you turned it off. You may not be expecting that implement back there to jump on you or hit someone standing near it. As a general rule I always park with everything lowered.
I have a new tractor and I have the ballast box attached with an IMatch (box empty at the moment) it's in the lifted position and has been for the last three days - it hasn't moved an inch...
My mower deck and my FEL will stay raised all week.

Points well taken about leaving them lowered while in storage. I think I'll heed that advice.
Try locking the speed control located under the seat -
Mine does the same thing. When parked I leave it in the down position. In the down position when doing your pretrip inspection you get an accurate reading on the hydro sight gauge. slkpk
Most owner manuals will tell you not to leave the 3Ph up with an implement attached. That puts pressure on the internal seals and can lead to seal failure.
The 9N,2N and 8N all will drop when they are not running.
Very common on leak downs over time (varies with tractor). General rule (safety mostly) is to always lower implements when parked. :fing32:
Thanks everyone for the comments. I'll start to leave the 3pt down. :thanku:
My mower deck and my FEL will stay raised all week.
Do you mix Viagra with your Hy-Gard?
Do you mix Viagra with your Hy-Gard?
Do you mix Viagra with your Hy-Gard?
I guess my 318 just gets a little excited at the thought of doing some work.
I rarely leave an implement attached to the 3ph.
I have an I-match, so removal is pretty easy. But, mine
also leaks down over a few days. The mower deck will
also leak down overnight.

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