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3910 Alignment acting like a plow.

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So last week i was out mowing 4 acres in a little low area which i never mowed before with the brush hog, and when i got started, i started mowing at the base of the hill that holds the road up, and i ended up falling into the end of a 2' culvert. The grass was so thick and tall that i didnt even see it till i was on top of it. Got stuck and got pulled out.

I was using my 1988 3910 ford new holland with the double drop arm power steering. The problem now is the alignment is so far off, i dont know how to even get it back close to where it needs to be. both tires are toed outward, acting like a plow goign down the road. There is no slop on either side. I am thinking about opening up the steering box to see if somethign happened in there. The tie rod ends are ok, and the coupling is ok also.

Anyone have this kind of issue?


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