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curious if anyone has experienced this - was using the 3813 cutting the grass (2nd time in a long time)
outside temps weren't bad, high 80s, was in 2nd gear, 3200-3250 RPM, going uphill on a slight incline, shaded area so the grass wasn't thick, actually pretty thin there, so nothing that would be considered a heavy or excessive load.

All of a sudden i had white smoke w/tinge of blue blowing out the muffler, i mean so bad it could have passed for one of those smoke generators on aerobatic airplanes

took me 3-4 seconds to think "****, the thing has blown a head gasket" when no sooner had i thought it, it stopped, totally. I continued cutting for maybe another 2 hours, didn't see it again.

got a feeling my head gasket is going but never known one to give any warning
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