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3813 pto clutch

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I have a 3813 that the pto clutch stays engaged all the time I need help on the easy way to change it out with out taking a lot of unnecessary things off
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it's pretty straightforward removal - the svc manual will be some help but the only issue i had in taking one off was it was frozen on (after 20+ years of having been on the shaft) and all the kroil and alternate heating didn't help

i managed to bend the pulley where the puller claws grabbed the pulley - it's awkward to get a good hold on it, you end up using the pulley to pull on and the pulley has zero heat treat - it's soft metal

you will need to remove the radiator but that's relatively minor affair

having pulled it off one time (almost 1.5 years ago) i need to revisit it to see if there wouldn't have been a better way, ie maybe some wedges tapped in behind the rear plate of the pto assy, forcing it forward rather than pulling on the pulley -

i'll try to look at it this evening and post later if i can see anything i'd have done different

but getting a copy of the svc manual is probably the smartest step at this point. 2nd, i'd do a search on this forum for earlier postings on this subject

as i posted one time before, the shaft diameter on the engine is 1.0" so a US made electric PTO should work fine - i've thought about replacing mine with one with a slightly larger diameter PTO pulley to get a little higher cutting blade speed so i can get a cleaner cut in 3rd gear

but that's a topic for another thread
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