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3813 front pulley set up needed

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I'm in need of the front pulley set up " mule drive" for my HT3813. Does anyone have one?
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I talked to a dealer in NJ area (Craiglist) last week. Search 'Craigslist All' - Honda 3813/4213. He had half dozen or so 2013/3813/4213/4514 in what he called his boneyard.

He said he was a Honda dealer. Thel telephone number is included in his listing.

At the time he didn't want to part out any of what he has. Wants to sell as parts tractors instead but he also didn't know exactly what he had so you might call him. He did say he had at least three new decks never taken out of the box for 3813,4213.

It makes no sense to me but people want to sell their whole units rather than take the time or strip off parts some of which are very easy to remove. A part or two will get as much as the whole tractor. For example a seller in Austin Texas will sell a complete 4514 without deck for a $100 but won't take any parts off of it and sell. I suppose eventually he will have it hauled off rather than part it out.

I could use a spare fuel pump, radiator, pto assembly, light assembly, ignition switch etc just to have for spares. But shipping is too expensive for a whole tractor from Austin Tx to Kansas.

FYI - there is a seller in KC who split a 4514 in half to use for a generator. If the mule drive is the same on it as on the 3813, he might pull it off and sell to you. Craigslist.

Another place to look for these is in huge pawn shops - I never realized the number of riding mowers that are parked in pawn shops that never get advertised.
I'm in need of the front pulley set up " mule drive" for my HT3813. Does anyone have one?
I have an extra set of pulleys from a 4514 that I parted out. Unfortunatly I do not think they are the same. Thanks for the ideas though.
Do you have a pic of what you need?
I'm in need of the front pulley set up " mule drive" for my HT3813. Does anyone have one?
I have a complete mule - less the tensioner spring. This one was removed from a HT3813 tractor that only had one season on it. It is in new condition. I have kept it in storage for countless years in the event that mine had a problem. I now think that I will wear our before the mule does. As you can see in the pitures below, it is perfect.

If this is what you need, let me know and we can work out the details.


Still looking.
No - the seller in Mpls MN is someone else.

So there are actually three sources now for the mule assembly + the dealer in north New Jersey who has a few 3813/4213's that are parts tractors. However, he wants to sell each tractor complete as parts tractor. Buying a complete parts tractor is probably the best value in the long run.

I only paid $200 for this unit - 6 miles from my house (note the practically new tires all the way around - still have the little rubber thingy's on them).[email protected]/6529471585/in/photostream
Thanks for all the help guys, I think I might of found one. :thanku:
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