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36" snowblower value???

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Got a snowblower that came with my 1964 Landlord and was wondering if anyone knew how much it's worth. May sell if it's worth anything, but will keep if not worth much. It's the old multiple belt kind - works great and has minor but very repairable rust. Not much snow to blow here in NC.
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Not much at all,not many people want those 3 belt ones.
Its 50-75 bucks in my area...if you can sell it.
I sold one a few weeks ago for $30-,i was happy!
Thanks guys. Pretty much what I was suspecting. Oh well, maybe I'll turn it into a watermellon juicer - or a chicken plucker - or maybe just chase the neighbors dog with it. That's always fun.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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