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3520 or 3720??

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I am looking at buying around 70-90 acres here in Iowa. Haven't talked to the dealer yet, but have done a lot of reading.

The acreage consist of around 20 acres of timber. Will be building an 20-25 acres lake with the driveway being around 1500 feet from the road.

The ?? is will a 3520 be too little or should I get the 3720? Either one will have a cab on it.

I would rather have a little more power to spare than regret not getting it.

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Go big or don't go at all !!

With that amount of land, I would go for the largest size I could afford, but alot really depends on what you plan to do with it, which you have not mentioned.
Will have a loader, mower, tiller and maybe a backhoe. Probably going to have a couple of horses too. Money is not a problem since it will to paid in cash.
Well I have a loader, mower and tiller and my 2520 is fine for my 11.5 acres. Have not yet had a need for a backhoe.

My mower is the 72" version, which is one of the main reasons I wanted at least a 2520 as I wanted the biggest deck that JD sold. I am very happy with it and would highly recommend it, if it will fit the tractors you are considering.

I also have a 5ft bush hog and the 2520 is fine. This is an area where more power would be needed for a larger bush hog. With as many acres as you are talking, I would think a bush hog would be in your future, so going with the larger tractor would let you run that much larger of a bush hog.

Going larger would also let you run a baler if you need some hay for those horses.

If you have got a good dealer around, I would go take a close look and talk to the salesman about your needs. Some of them can be very helpful. Not all of them are just trying to make a buck and sell you what you don't need.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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