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3520 or 3720??

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I am looking at buying around 70-90 acres here in Iowa. Haven't talked to the dealer yet, but have done a lot of reading.

The acreage consist of around 20 acres of timber. Will be building an 20-25 acres lake with the driveway being around 1500 feet from the road.

The ?? is will a 3520 be too little or should I get the 3720? Either one will have a cab on it.

I would rather have a little more power to spare than regret not getting it.

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I'm pretty much in the same shoes (except the part about money not being a problem!). I currently have a 3520 and a 425 to use on the lawn. BUT, I do not manage as much property as you will. It's not a question of enough horsepower with the 3520 or 3720 to meet your needs, they both have plenty. To me it's the physical size of the tractor you should be considering to cover all the tasks you will encounter with a 100 acre spread. The bigger the tractor frame the more stabaility you will find on hilly terrrain-pushing, pulling and doing loader work. And anyway, rule #1 in the tractor world, buy as big as you can afford!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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