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3510 engine replacement?

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I have been offered a 3510 with 254 hours that somebody sunk in a pond about 10 years ago and has been sitting ever since. Assuming that the motor is toast so my question is this a feasible rebuild candidate or can I just source another motor? Haven't had a chance to even touch the machine but I can have it for next to nothing; any suggestions is appreciated.
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I know this is an older post but the 3510 has a daedong 3a165b engine. A idiot employee rolled mine and busted the block. I've been trying for a year to find an alternate engine being that a new one is $10g plus shipping! NOT AN OPTION! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT ALTERNATIVE ENGINE I CAN USE OR ANY INFO AT ALL? MOTOR IS NOT REPAIRABLE! BLOCK BUSTED ALL WAY AROUND NEAR WHERE CONNECTS TO BELL HOUSING! I've read and read and read and seems to me daeding made/makes engines for almost every brand if machinery or has at one time! And used to use KUBOTA until we're sued by Kubota for stealing technology. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! TyM Kioti Mahindra BRANSON ALL HAVE VERSIONS OF THE MAHINDRA 3510 and TYM was who built them for Mahindra!
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