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345 throttle/choke adjustment??

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can anyone tell/show/instruct me how to adjust the throttle and choke on a 1999 345 with FD611V engine
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Here you go, as TJR345 said, but from the manual:

Throttle Cable check and Adjustment
Remove hood & heat shield
Move throttle control lever from LOW idle to FAST idle position
Check that throttle lever is contacting high speed adjustment stop screw
Move throttle control to slow position
Make sure throttle lever returns to slow position

Results: If throttle lever contacts high speed stop screw and goes to end of slow position, cable is OK. If not, perform adjustment prodecure:

Move throttle control lever to FAST idle position. If throttle lever does not contact throttle lever stop, loosen throttle cable clamp and adjust cable position until throttle lever is contacting high speed adjustment stop.

Move throttle control lever through full range to be sure linkage is not binding.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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