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345 help

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Does anyone know how many max amp draw I could use for a cab heater. It states the 345 has 17 amp charging system according to the specs. So, how many amps draw could I safety run?? I'm looking at a heater that would draw 4,6,9 amps (depending on the fan speed). Would it work??
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You might get by with 4 amps but there is not much overhead to run a lot.

I run halogen upgrades on my 345 with a 55 watt (approx 4 amp) rear cargo and have no issues.
Thank you for the info. I will have to figure something else out.
Trust me.... electric heaters don't work....

You are probably thinking about one like this?

Draws 60 amps... Had it... It does NOT work...

All you need to do is buy a heater setup that taps into the cooling system. Just do it.. It's not rocket science.. We're here to help if you get hung up along the way.

Yours will be a little harder because of the weird layout of your system, but it's entirely doable!
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No, I actually found a 33,000 btu (coolant) heater. It has three fan speeds thus the three different amp draws. I dont have much room (tight quarters)to tap into the coolant lines and there are no plugs in the water pump to use (tap into).
Can you take some close up high res shots of your coolant system, how the lines run and the water pump etc and post them? We can figure something out!
I will do that tomorrow (daylight). Thank you.
I actually found a few pics of the coolant hose setup I took last year. The large long hose would be easy to tap into. The small 2-3 in long hose would be hard to get to. But, I think its my only option.

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The one hose is no issue, I can't even see the other :)
I just found this heater and it looks like it would work. Sorry, ya have to cut and paste the link. I couldn't figure out how to just have you click on it.

Ohhhhhh I see it now.. It goes down through that plastic shroud. Difficult for sure!
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