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338 snowblower parts....need help

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I bought a 338 snowblower for my 116 from a guy who had bought it for his 185 only to find that it didn't fit. Now I'm finding out I'm missing pieces to mount it. I know I am missing the 2 bars that attach from the snowblower to the middle bottom of the tractor, a large spring for assisting the manual lift, and what looks like a heavy T shaped bracket with a pulley on it. The photo attached if from a blower for sale that I saw parts for that I don't have. I called the local JD dealer and he said they no longer make replacement parts. Not sure what to do now.........


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Unfortunately the best solution I can give you is.... punt. The only reason that "did not fit" a 185 is that he did not have all the pieces as that is the correct blower for a 185. The pulley setup is called the mule drive and the draft arms may be the same as the plow. The spring does not assist the manual lift but is to tension one of the pulleys on the mule drive and there is a link with a hook on each end that is also required. The parts appear on eBay but the mule drive alone may sell for what you paid fir the blower.
They guy who sold it to me said he found a couple more small parts that I have to go get. He has bought another snowblower and has it on his 185 now. I will check that one and see what model it is and what parts I'm missing. I have one spring but I thought I saw 2 in the photo so maybe I have enough. Probably doesn't matter though.....only solution I might have is to try to get in touch with the guy who sold it to the guy I bought it from. Of course that guy got pretty scarce when it didn't work.
Well hope you either find the parts you need or can sell it to someone that needs a back-up blower for their tractor! How about Katt!!
He has bought another snowblower and has it on his 185 now.
Dollars to doughnuts its a 338 - but with all the parts.
I think you dealer doesn't want to bother cause........... ( try another dealer )
Here is what I posted on another thread...
I had the mule drive and special spring but needed the rod
Here is what my dealer was able to get from JD
1 lift rod and hardware, ( 9a??) 2. Chute rotator rod that goes into lift rod NOT Available ( he gave me one from a different blower but it works) 3. rod for the tensioner spring on mule drive. 4. The 2 long steel straps ( braces) left and right. ( herd they didn't fit by about 1/16 inch or so had to loosen 6 frame bolts and tap the frame forward till they went on @ the tractor end. and file the holes a little ( sloppy casting) on BOTH 175's
The only thing i can see missing in the pic is the spring in the plastic sleeve and the tower to attach it.
The photo attached is from a blower for sale that I saw parts for that I don't have. I called the local JD dealer and he said they no longer make replacement parts.
Photo of a different blower KATT.
Yeah I reread his post. I showed you what MY dealer got from JD I didn't ask about a mule drive. If it's worth that much glad I repainted mine!!
What do you guys think the parts I have are worth? The blower itself is in really good condition. Probably for obvious reasons!
Is there a model MO246? snowblower that fits the 185?
An auger housing in good shape is probably worth $50 - $75. I don't think the M)246 will work but check the compatability charts posted by Shimp in the FAQ section at the top of the page.
Well, I can't seem to find the link with the compatibility charts by Shimp. I can't even find a member named Shimp!
OK....I had to back up a page first. :)
I checked and it looks like his 185 does use a M0246 snowblower. Maybe I can lucky and find someone who needs a new auger/housing. This one is in pretty good shape.


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Its possible you might be able to convert the mount to another type that doesn't require all the crap the 100 series needs to mount. You'd have to get a part number for the auger case and then work back to see how many models of blower its common too and then assess the mounts and see if it can be done with fewer less expensive parts. It would be some work though.
The housing looks really similar to a 37A, the pulley shaft looks longer so you'd have to change that and you'd only need to get the frame mount and right side mule drive to change it over. Bet you could find one in horrible shape (except the parts you need) for $50.00. Where are you at in PA?
Finding one that is in bad shape would be great. I am in northeastern Pa. about an hour and 20 minutes north of Scranton. I'm also 40 miles from Elmira, NY. and 60 miles from Binghamton NY.

I'd kill for yours ( this is it's good side) want to drive to NH I'll give you a Hun $$
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I might have to take you up on that. Or at least up to Albany NY., and maybe a buck and a half. :)
Now we're seeing some negotiating! I thought of you earlier in this thread Katt! Hope you'ins (that's Western, PA dialect) can work something out!
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