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335 Deere Three Point

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Has any one every fabed a three point for there 335. If so could post some pic. Thank You
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I take it you were able to build one? But no build Thread? Looks as tho you did a good job on it!:fing32:
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That is a home made three point on a deutz-allis AKA simplicity sunstar. The 335 is a JD that belongs to a friend.
Sorry, just connected the Green to a JD. :sorry1:
ya, there was someone with a 355D that built a 3 point. used a valve to choose between the deck lift and the 3 point. i'll do a search and post back
The Quick way with No Fabricating at all Of coarse it would Be expensive Because first You Need to buy a Hayes Multi Hitch Then You would Need to Buy a Kolpin electric Lift 3point Hitch Only Nice thing about this way compared to the One Pictured In the thread sonny found You Remove the Kolpin with One Pin and a electrical connector and the rocker shaft Is Not permanently On the Tractor another Quick way which would only require Tapping into the Hydraulic system is Find a 3point Hitch for a 140,300,312,314, 316 Kohler or a 317 Which Might also require a Hole drilled in the 3point Mounting Plate for Your Hydrostatic Release lever. Just a Idea Because The Hydraulic cylinder is Part or the 3point when You remove It with The release of Two Spring pins and Releasing the Hydraulic Lines:thThumbsU
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