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332, what to watch for

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I've got a line on a 332 with a Yanmar that has a new deck and m49 snow blower, hours unkown. I've got limited exposure to diesels, but am looking at a time in the not too distant future when all I'll have to run my 317 on is gas/ethanol mix and the resulting engine problems.

What should I be looking for when buying this unit. I would automatically check the oil condition, air filter condition, steering play, evidence of proper lubrication, transmission fluid condition and any creeping issues.

Do I need be concerned with glow plugs, fuel pump, injectors? If so, is there a quick way to check them out?

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I beg to differ on the glow plugs. You will notice if even one is out on and ID engine (in-direct injection). If you get the plug through JD it is $35 or so. But NKG is around $5 a plug. If it starts and has plenty of power-you are good to go. If you have low power-run away as the engines are expensive to repair.
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