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3314 pics after quick mow

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So. As title says, these are some pics of the IH LB I got the other night. The deck needs to be stripped and repainted......dunno if i will do that, it may go to a new owner if I decide to sell it.

I put in an air filter, spark plug and it started up first pull. Been sitting for 3 years. The PO did drain old fuel and carb really I didnt have much work cut out for me. I did mow a small patch with it and the throttle position worked well and it mowed really well. I like the sound of this thing......its distinct.

Needs more clean up and a primer bulb, it's dryed out and cracking. What do you think?

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Looks good. I would love to have an IH Lawn-Boy. You are missing the cover that goes over the drive though. No big deal.
Oh- BTW- I would keep it. They seem to be rare, very rare.
Yeah I know.....wondered if it was suppose to be white or yellow......
It amazed me something sitting in the hot/cold/freezing temps can start with fresh fuel and a pull.......didnt miss a beat!
I still want to sell it I think, unless I do find a new shroud and repaint the deck.
Yeah I know.....wondered if it was suppose to be white or yellow.....
Make sure you grease up the drive and the capstan roller bearings
That is a nice find. JLS on chainsaw collectors can make new decals for just about anything, so if you care to restore it Im sure he can help you out. He does alot of the old Homelite and Partner etc monograms pretty reasonable.

D600 engine and self propelled! Cool pics thanks for posting them.

Best wishes,
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As far as resto goes.....what keeps its value more, petina and not restoring deck paint and shroud, or taking deck to bare mag and respraying it, and getting the decals made up, the shroud would never really come back, I dunno what I want to do with it.....
You better get that poor thing to me ASAP :trink40:

Notice the gear box is still green, mine is too. I guess they didn't bother to change the color on that due to it being hidden.

Here's my 3314, I'm missing the LH roller cover

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Tgore......I think yours was put away more......mine has been used.
I did notice the green gear box and wondered if it was swapped, but am glad to hear it was common practice to find the green under the cover.
As for the cover........I am thinking I will need to do some hunting......if not I will spray a green one yellow when I do a resto......if that happens.

I am mowing with this baby tomorrow.......

I have a 7266 I may mow with though
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Tgore...... hope that didnt come off bad. I meant, yours looks like it was stored well. Mine seemed like a workhorse and was left in a shed.....Im happy it was used, but sad it's gonna need some TLC.......some major TLC.

Im gonna be doing some tear down once I get the 7266 running and a 680529.
I have little to no hope of ever finding the yellow roller cover. I imagine you'll have similar results with that drive cover. I'll try painting one Cub Cadet yellow. Not sure how well regular paint will stick to these poly parts.
I bet if we use primer, maybe self etching we'd have some luck with the adhesion.
If krylon fusion would make it in cub yellow, we'd be set.

I'll look next time Im at Wally world or the HD/Lowes.
Anyone have a discharge shute, or mulch plate(if ever made) for this mower? Id pay up for them , even a shroud, mine is wore out.
I've got one yeller side discharge cover and one yeller bagger chute. I'd like to find at least another side discharge cover too.
I would buy it if you were selling since im not that far away. Haha
Just started sanding down the paint.....Im repainting deck and using the 8232 shroud so I can restore the original shroud.....its well worn the decals off and such.
worst part about trying to resto all these type mowers, decals
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