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3240 PTO problem

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Hello Guys,
I need Your help and advice on solving a PTO issue on my 3240 (580 hrs, I am original owner). A few weeks ago we've got about 6" of wet heavy snow, which I was cleaning with 353 blower (thrower?), and suddenly PTO stopped working. First, I thought it was a problem with the blower, however, after disengaging blower the PTO still wasn't working. I replaced the actuator, solenoid and belts. When I pulled a switch the actuator works as well as all pulleys, but PTO still doesn't engaged. Vacuum works (i checked with my finger). I was thinking that perhaps a switch went bad, but if that would be a case then the actuator and solenoid would not work.(I think). If any of You had similar problem and/or know how to fix it kindly please let me know. Any advice is much appreciated.
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Thank you for taking a time and putting some brain into this. To answer your question, yes, all pulleys are working/spinning as they should. Saying that PTO is still not working I was referring to the change of the engine sound while PTO is engaged. I think now, that the engine might not change it sound simply because there is no "load" on it, as I don't have any attachment installed at this moment. I don't have a mowing deck and just found out that snow blower has a broken chain in the sprocket box. So, that sound I was missing, is a sound of working mower deck or snow blower. (is that making any sense?). I will get the snow blower repaired and check the PTO then.
Will keep you posted.
Thanks again.
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