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3240 PTO problem

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Hello Guys,
I need Your help and advice on solving a PTO issue on my 3240 (580 hrs, I am original owner). A few weeks ago we've got about 6" of wet heavy snow, which I was cleaning with 353 blower (thrower?), and suddenly PTO stopped working. First, I thought it was a problem with the blower, however, after disengaging blower the PTO still wasn't working. I replaced the actuator, solenoid and belts. When I pulled a switch the actuator works as well as all pulleys, but PTO still doesn't engaged. Vacuum works (i checked with my finger). I was thinking that perhaps a switch went bad, but if that would be a case then the actuator and solenoid would not work.(I think). If any of You had similar problem and/or know how to fix it kindly please let me know. Any advice is much appreciated.
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With what you describe I'm not sure what you mean by the PTO still doesn't work. When the actuator is engaged the idler pulley should tightened the belt to drive the lower PTO pulley and also release the PTO brake. Is the PTO pulley spinning and the brake released?
Thought some more about your problem. If the lower PTO pulley is not spinning it can only be two things: Linkage for idler pulley belt engage and brake release not adjusted properly or you have a seized bearing in the PTO axle carrier. Have you greased the axle carrier on a regular basis?
Thank you for taking a time and putting some brain into this. To answer your question, yes, all pulleys are working/spinning as they should. Saying that PTO is still not working I was referring to the change of the engine sound while PTO is engaged. I think now, that the engine might not change it sound simply because there is no "load" on it, as I don't have any attachment installed at this moment. I don't have a mowing deck and just found out that snow blower has a broken chain in the sprocket box. So, that sound I was missing, is a sound of working mower deck or snow blower. (is that making any sense?). I will get the snow blower repaired and check the PTO then.
Will keep you posted.
Thanks again.
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You may not have a problem at all. When I engage the PTO on my GT3235 I feel and hear almost nothing, it's that smooth. I think I feel that it engaged, but really don't know for sure until I drive into the snow bank and see the snow fly. That smooth engagement of the vacuum PTO is another feature of the 3K's that I really like. Let us know when you figure out if something is still wrong. Cheers.
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