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320 value

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guy that lives up the road from me has a jd 320 for sale that looks like it is in good shape for 1500, is that a good deal. Appears to be a very heavy duty lawn mower
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With a deck in good shape it's not a bad deal! They take all the same attachments as the 120, 140 (mid and front only), and the entire 3xx (older) series (all attachments).
Whoa...a 320 is not in the same family as the 316, 318, 322, 330, 332, etc. It would seem so, but this model is when JD did the pardignm shift in the model series. So, it won't accept the attachments of those old 300's.

It looks like this...

A 320 is similar to the 240, 260, 285, etc. It would be the prerunner to the 325 and 345. It's a mid-level garden tractor.

It was a good tractor for sure though. 18hp Kawaski L/C twin and hydraulic lift. $1,500 would be top dollar, and it had better be a cream puff.
You know, that's the second time this month I made that same mistake! Getting old sure is taking it's toll, must be suffering from CRS (Can't Remember Stuff)! You are correct!
JD designed its model numbering system to mess with us, I'm sure.

I once drove 40 miles to look at a 420. I talked to the owner for 5 minutes (as I'm standing behind a 420 row crop), not realizing I had come for the wrong tractor. We had a good laugh.
still new at this tractor stuff...

is there any reference on JD model numbers, maybe years, features, price new, avail attachments, etc. it seems they pull the numbers from the air??

if a 320 does not fit between a 318 and a 322 than what is a newbie to do... :praying:

Apparently buy lots of gas and learn to laugh when you find you're not looking at the right model!!!
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