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318 to 420 push blade adaptor

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i have a hydraulic blade for a 318 and want to make it work on a 420. seems like i saw an adapter here that someone made but can't find it. any help would be appreciated. the 318 is the same top to bottom at the mounting bracket but the 420 is wider at the top.
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Frame squeezer from azwelding,I think thats how it is spelled ,I bought one for the 420,works good but it was tight going on,could have been larger.
thanks biker, i will check it out.
Here it is,
He's off for the summer.
I suppose that explains his web page then.
When I bought my 420, it came with a "318" blade, so I bought a "frame squeezer". Yes, it works, but longer hoses are needed & it was a pain to mount & remove the blade from the tractor, including hard to get the hose connections hooked up.

A better solution (at least for me) was to cut the end plates off the mounting bracket & add 1" to each side! ~~ grnspot


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I think that would be fine doing it like that,mine was not plug n play.
thanks guys, using grnspts procedure, looks like easier on / off setup.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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