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318 Pricing Input

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I have been looking to add a 318 to share the shed with the other toys. I have been looking in the usual places for one with a blown motor to save $ and time. Came across one about 1.5 hours away with NO motor (blown last year and sold in April). It has about 1100 hours on the meter (S/N-M00318X365924). The kickers - No grill, no rear PTO, seat and springs are poor and NO mower deck. Owner states brother is the original owner and the hydro is OK. Paint looks OK, but faded. He is asking $825 which I consider high since I will have to pick up a deck and an entire re-power unit.

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I looked at that one too, and would not give more than $300 (the amount for which I felt I could easily part it out if the hydro is bad). I believe he told me he had the driveshaft but not the front PTO clutch. I don't know if he woudl come down that low or not. After considering it, I didn't pursue.
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How far ya willing to travel to buy one?
Thanks for the input. What part of NY? I have in-laws up in Cazenovia.
In Near Albany Got a JD318 need a rod everything else works needs some TLC maybe a paint job I'll get some Pix on here for ya check back with this post
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