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318 Price Range?

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I am sure this is probably a very vague question but I am in the market for a 318. However, when I look on line they seem to range from 1500 to 3000 or so it seems. What is truly a fair price for a 318 in good working condition? With that what are some of the things to look for that would scare you away from a purchase?
How many hours should I expect to get from this engine before rebuild? The machine I buy will be for minor home use and use on my shooting range... nothing abusive... more an "I want" than "I need." That is why asking for some direction, too easy to make an impulse purchase! Thanks & Keep it Green!!
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I paid 200 dollars for mine and it came with a hydraulic grader blade. Had to put a new power steering cylinder on it but other than that it works great. Of course the likelihood of you buying one for 200 bucks is slim to none....I just got extremely lucky.

I've seen a few locally here lately in fair working order for 1200-1400 bucks. Fixing a thing or two is to be expected unless its a restored tractor and u pay big $$. As far as hours I would judge overall condition instead of the hour meter. Also alot about a tractor can be seen in its owners character IMO. I think some smoking is to be expected for a 30 year old engine that hasn't been overhauled typically... but personally a little smoke doesn't concern ME much. Taking a compression gauge with you and testing engine compression is always a good idea.

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