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318 onan engine p218 starter problem

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rebuilt starter isn't catching flywheel all the time - could it be a bad bendix or starter relay? i've heard onan has had problems with bad starters on 318. just wondering if anyone has run into this problem. any old timers know of such a problem when starter motor itself is strong? thanks
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Bit of fun with the Onan due to all the covers but you say the starter is strong, did you check the flywheel when you had the starter off to see if all the teeth are on it? Just for a test when the starter is not engaging the flywheel then turn you flywheel and try again. If it engages you may be missing some teeth on the flywheel.
I'd agree with PA318Guy. It could be an alignment issue also. Make sure the starter bendix is engaging the ring gear completely. :fing32:
rebuilt starter so yes teeth checked on flywheel and starter. just heard that some have had problems with that particular starter / engine. the engine is out on a bench. will check solenoid and bendix. suspect maybe neutral safety switch problem when in mower installed. we'll figure it out sooner or later.
Hello Jerry,
There is the possibility you may need the starter solenoid improvement kit.
It certainly cured my tractors erratic starting behavior.
The JD part number is AM107421.

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