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318 Loader

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I'm wanting to add a loader to my 318. Right now leaning towards the Buford bucket, but wanted some opinions, feedback, options. Thanks for any insight you may have. If you have pictures or links to other versions please post them up for me. Thanks!
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I've liked my Buford Loader since I first started dealing with Pete Liskey. He is a great guy. Here is a You Tube video I did with my first time to install it on my '85 318. I must also confess that I had just been released by my doctor from wearing a shoulder harness from the breaking of my right humorous bone and a rotator cuff tear. I shouldn't have been doing this, but I just wanted to work on my Deere.

Unlike some of the other loaders, this loader is positioned in the same plane and distance from the front of the tractor as one of Deere's loaders. Therefore, the weight on the front axle is the same as a factory loader installation. If there is a drawback, and I don't see it as such, is that the Buford does not raise the bucket as high as a factory bucket. To that I must add that the dangers of having the load to high and tipping over the tractor are not there. This installation seems to be much more safe in that respect.

As the video shows, you can certainly work on the front of the tractor and mower deck with this loader installed. Of course, it would be wiser to install jack stands after raising the tractor for safety purposes.

This loader is sent to your door via UPS. I don't know how other loaders are sent. As the video tries to show, some assembly is required.

I got it for snow removal mainly, but being honest, it has not had a work out yet this year. I guess you could say it is working great!

Hope this will help in your decision.

Doug Brown
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Hi HDmstng and others,

To specifically answer your question, I will say that it lifts to the top of your hood if you are using something like a 318, 322 or 332 tractor. Or another way, it lifts to the top of the open tailgate of a normal, 2 wheel drive 1/2 ton pick-up truck--not those moster mothers that require a ladder to get into.

This thread has gone so long, I feel that I need to restate the reason(s) why I bought and stand behid this unit.
First, I needed a loader to carry snow from the front of my property to the rear. Why? That is not important for this discussion. However, for many years, my 54" blade did just fine, but circumstances changed.
Second, I could not obtain a John Deere loader in my area of the country. Besides the cost for even a "used" loader was cost prohibitive. I believe that I can state that this loader was made utilizing some of the parameters that John Deere used in the developement of their loader.
Third, I wanted a loader that would not inhibit my winter cab in any way.
Fourth, I wanted a loader that was easy to mount to the tractor without the use of additional plumbing and hardware.
And Fifth, it needed to be safe to operate. Remember, the higher a loader goes, the less stable the tractor/loader is. I am not the only person operating this tractor, therefore, safety is an issue.

I feel that this loader will handle anything I wish to use it for. I feel that it is the tractor's power and adhesion factor that will limit the tractor/loader's ability.

I am not an engineer, nor a representative of the Buford Loader. I am just a satisfied customer.

Thank you,
Doug Brown
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Hi SonnyT,
I have an installation video and 3 videos of last winter's snow removal. We had very little snow last year, so I guess my buying the loader worked!
This summer has been way to hot to do anything fun outside, so no video opportunities. Maybe next winter. Ha, Ha!

With the fact that presently my area of the country is about 10" short of water, it will take a lot of snow to get that loss back. We will still be using pop bottle caps as rain gauges if things don't change.

Doug Brown
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With you living in the Cincinnati area, you are practically neighbors to Harry (Pete) Liskey. He lives south on I-75 near Sadieville, KY. He builds the Buford Loader. If you want one of his loaders, you two might work something out for price, just guessing on my part.

I have a phone number, but am not sure if it is correct. Anyhow, try 859-457-0766. I lost all pertinate info in a computer crass a while back.

I bought my loader from Pete for about $1400, but I ended up with far more than the basic loader and last I heard, the cost was going up due to steel prices, etc. So maybe the sooner you contact him, the better. Maybe you could lock in a price regardless of when you took delivery.

As for putting things into the back of your Toyota, as stated earlier, 4 x 4 trucks are usually taller than you normal 1/2 ton pick-up. I could easily see you laying a few pieces of 2 x 14 boards down to make ramps that would get you to the height needed. But this could be a safety issue you might want to address.

Hope this info helps.

Doug Brown
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